Community Meeting with Fire Officials

Chief John Hawkins addressed a large audience of community members.

The community meeting with various local fire officials addressed a number of issues including the Gold Spotted Oak Borer and other fire-related issues.

The Gold Spotted Oak Borer, which is not native to the U.S., was brought into San Diego County and has devastated the oak trees in that county. It came to the hill in 2012 through people bringing firewood from other areas. The experts stressed the importance of burning only local wood and not bringing wood from off the hill which could be infected. As we left the meeting, one expert noted that the oak tree right outside of the Town Hall was infected.

One of the major concerns brought up by the audience members is that there is no fire abatement enforcement on vacant parcels which are scattered throughout the community. These unabated properties threatened their neighbors’ homes. The county ordinance which requires abatement of these properties is enforced off the hill, but not here.

As a result of the meeting, a committee of fire agency and other representatives started meeting to address this important issue.