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CalFIRE FH 8GG20620 USDA/NFF Partnership, Large Landscape GSOB Program

This program allocates nearly $800,000 through March 15, 2025 to assist local homeowners with the treatment or removal of oak trees affected by the Gold Spotted Oak Borer beetle. Following a site visit by MCFSC Field Staff, an Invitation to Bid on tree removal (if recommended) is sent to a number of local contractors and once pricing is received, the MCFSC presents the homeowner with the lowest bid. The cost share to the homeowner for tree removal under this grant is 25%. There is no cost share for chemical treatment, which is offered once annually in the spring. There is no income, age, or ability criteria to meet and participation in our other grant programs does not preclude participation in this program. Schools, camps, community centers and parks are also welcome to apply.

For 2024, the Spray Treatment program was put out to bid. The contract has been awarded to Agriserve Pest Control Inc., of Ontario, CA (PCM #30920, QAL #96898).

Agriserve will treat approximately 3,000 oaks in our local communities with Bifentherin, plus an adjuvant. More information on Bifentherin can be found here.