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MCFSC has current grant funding to assist local property owners in the San Jacinto Mountains with defensible space, forest health and wildfire prevention projects.

Current Grant-Funded Programs


Defensible Space and Dead, Dying, Diseased Tree Removals*


Abatement and DDDT Removals for All! Vacant Lots Included


Spray Treatment and Removals of GSOB Affected Oaks


Collaborative Efforts and inter-agency partnerships

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Over two decades ago, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CALFIRE) formed the California Fire Safe Council with the intent of seeing that local fire safe councils were formed with the single charge of educating the local public about fire abatement practices that can save their homes in the event of a fire.​

The Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council (MCFSC) was formed in 2001 and became a 501(c)(3) corporation in 2002. We quickly saw that while the education was certainly necessary, it did not go far enough. 

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Defensible Space

Want to learn more about preparing your home for wild fire? Our Field Staff will happily educate you & assess your property, FREE!

The Woodies

The volunteer side of the MCFSC organization, “The Woodies” are a dedicated team of hard working neighbors helping neighbors.

Partners & Resources

The MCFSC could not operate without the coordinated efforts by our local agencies in making our communities more fire resilient.