Firefighting Resources:

  1. The Pine Cove Water District has established a plan to extend its 6" and 8" main lines onto USFS lands.  These lines will follow existing fire roads and fuel breaks on the western flank of Pine Cove and Idyllwild.
  • The purpose of these lines is to provide water for firefighters and equipment.  Fire hydrants will be installed every 500' and also in critical areas to establish safety zones for personnel.
  • This proposed project would install over two miles of pipeline and add 25 new hydrants.  Estimated cost will be $650,000.00.  The project is greatly supported by personnel from CDF and the U.S. Forest Service.


  1. One major component of integrated fire protection for the mountain is fire roads (a.k.a. truck trail systems) that both the USFS and CDF use to access fires before they reach the community.  They are also very useful for prescribed burns and other fuel management activities.  These roads must be evaluated and maintained annually to keep them in usable condition.



Fire Resistant Structures.

  • Retrofitting program to make existing structures fire resistant.

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